The school is located in the town historical center. Olot is a town with a population of 30.000 inhabitants, and serves a centre of government as well as providing social, health and financial service to the area of La Garrotxa (47.000in). The town has a remarkable geographical setting, at the heart of the great natural landscape of the Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa.

Secondly, it is clearly unlike other cultural centres, probably due to both the surrounding landscape and the communications networks. The local inhabitants have a strong feeling of identity with their surroundings, their language and the local culture. Over the last decade Olot has developed a substantial network of services in order to promote it as a cultural centre. With regard to the cultural infrastructure parallel to the “Escola d’Art”, amongst the most important, one should mention the Museu Comarcal de la Garrotxa with its two sections (the volcanoes Museum and that of Art, traditions and customs). 


The town concentrates further cultural centres such as  Regional and Municipal Archives, its theatre (el Teatre Principal), the Marià Vayreda Library, the Education Local Services IME, as well as the Open University (represented by the UNED and the UOC).  Several professional associations for architect’s quantity surveyors have been recently set up. Finally, one should mention the long-established number of private art galleries as well as the recently created Higher Studies Foundation FES(1999) and the Institute of Culture of Olot (2001). There is also a significant number of institutions and cultural associations in the surrounding towns: libraries, local museums, cultural associations, assembly halls, some local archives... 


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Ajuntament d'Olot