Over 200 years of history: 
 The Fine Arts College was founded on 15th July 1783 by the Bishop Tomàs de Lorenzana. 
1891 was an important year in the history of the school as it was officially acknowledged as a “Fine Arts School” which depended on the Girona Delegation, and later from 1934 to 1938 it became a school of landscape painting dependent on the Catalan autonomous government. 

In the 1986-87 academic year and according to the 1963 Education Plan, the teaching of applied arts and artistic crafts was introduced. It was then established as a municipal school that depended on the Olot town authorities. This involved the extension of schedules and a need for greater space, material and financial resources. Since it is the only school in the Girona region which offers official Art studies, the process also involved recruiting more students and a teaching staff with specific academic requirements. 
In 1988/99 the special fields of Graphic Design and Interior Design were introduced. On 23rd November 1988 by means of the 348/1987 decree, the Fine Arts Municipal school was classified as a recognised centre of artistic studies. In the 1989/90 academic year the special branch of Painting was introduced. 

On 20th June 1990 this college became part of the official network of art colleges of Catalonia and was given the name of Applied Arts and Artistic crafts College of Olot. As a result, the human resources and the general running of the school became dependent on the Catalan autonomous government. 

In 1996/97 a new special field was introduced with the Higher Level Training Cycles (CFGS) of applied arts to Sculpture and this college then received the name of Art College of Olot. In 1997/98 began the first line of the Artistic Baccalaureate and the Medium level Training cycle (CFGM) in Desktop publishing as a result of which the 63 Education Plan was phased out in favour of the General Organic Law of the Educational System. In the 98/99 academic year the “Painting” and the “Interior Decorating projects and management” courses were set up. In 99/2000 a second line of Artistic Baccalaureate was introduced as well as the Higher level training cycle in Advertising graphics. In the 2000/01 academic year the Illustration and Ephemeral architecture Higher level training cycles were initiated and in 2002/03 the training cycle in Artistic Photography was also set up. 

From the 2003-2004 academic year onwards, the Art College has become the “Art and Design College” completing its educational offer with a course leading to a diploma in Interior Design as well as with the diploma course in Graphic Design foreseen for the next academic year. 
From 2010-2011 the School offers a University Degree on Design (both graphic and interior), as a member of the ESDAP network.